Selasa, 21 Agustus 2007

Great Teacher Prof. Chang Ngee Pong

As a student and person who has aspire and willing to be a good person, I couldn't hide my heart if I get something special. Yes of course, it has good sense. This morning, I was happy and salute to Prof. Chang, he is Profesor in Physics at NTU and CUNY College New York. His research field in High Energy Physics, eventhough he teach Physics for us generaly but deep. Inside of that, the main point what make me enjoy is he teach us to be a good person not only as engineer but rather. He doesn't like proud, and humble others.....Based on my experienced, very rare I met great person said the same thing....Thank you Profesor Chang, your suggested will be remembered by me.....(by Iwan, NTU, August 22, 2007)

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