Senin, 14 Januari 2008

ZnO Heterostructured Light-emitting Diodes by Metal-organic Chemical-vapor Deposition

to be published on :

3rd MRS-S Conference on Advanced Materials

(Incorporating MRS-S and MRS-I Mumbai-Chapter Joint Indo-Singapore Meeting)

Jointly Organized by

The Materials Research Society of Singapore (MRS-S)


The Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE)

25 – 27 February 2008


S. Iwan,1 S.T. Tan,2 J.L. Zhao,1and X.W. Sun2

1 Nanyang Technological University

2 Institute of Microelectronics & Nanyang Technological University

This paper reports the ZnO heterostructure light-emitting diodes based on n-ZnO/SiOx/n-Si and n-ZnO/SiOx/p-Si. The devices were fabricated by a home-made shower-head injector metal-organic chemical-vapor deposition. From the I-V characteristic, n-ZnO/SiOx/n-Si shows diodes like rectifying, while ZnO/SiOx/p-Si shows symmetric nonlinear behavior due to the double Schottky barriers at the interface. n-ZnO/SiOx/n-Si and n-ZnO/SiOx/p-Si diodes emit light when a positive bias applied at Si side. Ultraviolet emission at ~390nm with an orange-emission centered at ~600nm were observed in electroluminescence spectra of n-ZnO/SiOx/n-Si diodes, while whitish emission centered at ~520 nm was observed for n-ZnO/SiOx/p-Si diodes. Besides, we have realized the epitaxial growth of ZnO (0002) on Si (111) substrate via using the MgO/TiN buffer layers. The obtained n-ZnO/MgO/TiN/n-Si heterostructure was further employed to fabricate LED and strong electroluminescence ranging from 350 to 850nm and centered at ~530nm, was achieved in the device when a positive voltage is applied at Si substrate.

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Feri Adriyanto mengatakan...

Halo Mas Iwan,
senang saya berkenalan dengan Anda. Saya tertarik dengan riset Anda. Kebetulan sejak thn 1996 saya sdh bekerja dengan ZnO. Waktu itu saya masih di ITB dan skr pun sejak saya ambil S3 di NCKU Taiwan ini, kajian ZnO semakin saya dalami.
Mungkin saya bisa mendapatkan info lebih jauh dari Mas Iwan ttg ZnO. Saya sdh kenal baik dengan Assoc Prof X.W. Sun di NTU S'pore. Apakah Mas Iwan di sana sbg posdoctoral fellow? salam untuk beliau