Sabtu, 19 April 2008

Catetan minggu dinihari...

Minggu, 20 April 2008

Hari ini kesibukan saya tidak terlalu istimewa. Everything just going on as usual. After lunch time I went to my office and back home around 5 pm. I back home because I have scheduled to play badminton with my friend (Tommy and his wife). We were playing very energetic and joyful.

Kebetulan saya dan Tommy adalah flatmate. Tommy and his wife are nice couple. Ohya, satu lagi my flatmate is Tanh. He is come from the same country with Tommy's family, they are from Vietnam. Between us Tanh is the older one. He hase more experience and always good advice by telling us frankly and friendly. We are living in the same apartment since on beginning of March 2008. We are living like family, we always share each other frankly. Fortunately, just 5 hours ago, Tanh got very good news from Vietnam. His family informed him that his wife burst his first daughter with 2.7 kg of her weight. It was make us happy now. And we were organizing small gathering by eating and drink together. As friend I wish your daughter to become agood woman and can realizing what Tanh's family aspire in the future. Congrats Tanh......

Due to that I just think more and more about how old am I. Just a week ago my beloved teacher passed away then just now Tanh daughter was born. Both of the condition were make me think that so many things happened during my whole life. My life is quite dynamic. Love, hate, friendship, etc mixing together during I make relationship with others. I learned about human character from what they did or what they respon to my act. Dari situlah I always trying to improve my self understanding to facing such kind of problems. It can be painful or happy ending at last but we should try stand up by wisely and think positively.


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