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Saya alumni Fisika UI ;-)

Physics UI alumni go abroad 2007


This year has been quite generously providing for those physics alumni who aspire to study in places far away from home. Thanks to Allah that has blessed us all. Duly we should also congratulate them all and wish them well in their studies.

Two alumni have found their way to Department of Physics, National Chongbuk University in Republic of Korea starting last May. (Mr. Dede Djuhana and Miss. Karina) News has been good and they are performing very well.

Iwan Soegihartono, a staff member of Department of Physics, finally found his place in Electrical Engineering Department, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Iwan will continue his research in thin film fabrication using Metallorganic Chemical Vapour Deposition for electronic device application. This shows that a good physicist is always welcome in any good electrical engineering department.

Yayan Sofyan, another staff member of Physics Department is also leaving for Kyushu University to do Phd program in geothermal monitoring. Geothermal is a new "renewable energy" highly sought after by power / utility industries and is coming to Indonesia with much higher speed during the last decade. University of Indonesia is determined to a major player in the new energy business and under the leadership of Dr. Yunus Daud has sent some staff to Kyushu University, a world leader in geothermal research and education.

Heribertus Bayu Hartanto has left for US. He will be joining Department of Physics, Florida State University. He will receive full scholarship under the scheme of teaching assistantship. Bayu will join 12 of our alumni who have been studying there. His acceptance shows how strong our alumni performance there and how confident FSU is with UI’s excellence in physics education.

Nowo Riveli has also left for Italy to attend one year post graduate program in High Energy Physics in the Abdussalam International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP). This program is very prestigious and usually their alumni will have no problem in applying to any universities of the world. He too will join several others alumni who has experience in ICTP.

Salvienti Makarim (F 92) who is already working in the Ministry of Marine and Fisheries (DKP) was accepted for advanced study in the field of marine / oceanography physics in Utrecht University, the Netherlands, particularly in studies of global climate change that also affects ocean and ocean’s life. Prior to her entrance to the Ministry of Marine and Fisheries, she was working with the Center for Marine Studies, Faculty of Mathematics and Sciences, University of Indonesia under the leadership of Dr. A. Harsono as a researcher and staff.

Still in the Netherlands, Asido Patar Nainggolan (F ’97) was accepted in Hogeschool van Arnhmem en Nijmegen (HAN University) in Department of Control System Engineering. He got a scholarship that pays his tuition in HAN University but he is working in KEMA an engineering company in Arnhem that will pay a salary for life expenses. Before his leave Asido was working for LEMIGAS in the field of remote sensing, GIS and digital mapping. He was also involved in designing Wireless Seismic Detection System there. Prior to his LEMIGAS duties, he was working with Center for Computing and Information Technology (PUSKOM), Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences University of Indonesia also as a hardware programmer. He was one of very few alumni of physics instrumentation who, after very hard work, is very successful in engineering work and enters an engineering school despite his average GPA (2.6). We believe so many others students like him exist in our department.

A last minute news has arrived that Iin Lidiya Zafina who is an academic staff of Gunadharma University (F'94) is following similar program as Asido in the Netherland (Control System Engineering). Another smart girl of Physics, Pongky Ivo who has just finished Master in University of Groningan, the Netherland has left again Indonesia to do PhD program in one of Berlin Advanced Physics Laboratories doing research with GaN (Gallium Nitride), a very sought after materials for laser / photonics. Brava!

Assorted by
Dr. Rachmat Widodo Adi

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